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Custom Formulations

Research and Development

Uniwell’s commitment to our customers is to deliver innovative results with integrity, experience and precision.  We value our customers input and expertise therefore our approach to development always begins with team collaboration.  This is not only vital to ensure we meet our customer’s expectations but also that the finished goods we deliver meet our high efficacy standards.

Our highly experienced product development team, in collaboration with our sales and Quality Assurance departments has set the highest of standards as it pertains to product creation. We take an extreme amount of pride in our exceptional capabilities of turning your concept into the highest quality of finished product.  Our capabilities cover the complete spectrum of capsules and bilayer tablets to powders, liquids, and the complexity of gels.

When it come to the science and art of flavoring, our food chemists are in a class all by themselves.  In the world of functional supplements, such a high percentage of raw materials create a challenge as it pertains to masking powder, liquid and gels. And, our team understands from decades of experience and trial and error, there is never a stock answer in creating a pleasant tasting product, therefore they are committed to deliver the results regardless of the challenge and difficulty.

Once the product meets the customer’s exact specifications it is then we apply all the necessary testing, including stability, chemical and microbiological.  Our state-of-the-art laboratories and technical equipment allow our team to leave no stone unturned when it pertains to quality, efficacy and integrity…the three pillars of Uniwell Laboratories Development Team!