Manufacturing Processes 

In an ongoing effort to streamline our manufacturing processes and systems, Uniwell Laboratories has implemented Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) as its Enterprise Resource Planning System. This system, coupled with our stringent internal documentation requirements, enhances our ability to quickly and accurately perform Lot Traceability, meet regulatory requirements for government reporting (such as 21 CFR Part II, Bioterrorism ACT, and FDA requirements), manage allergens, and track QA/QC processes. In addition, Sage Enterprise Management provides expiry tracking to ensure optimum shelf-life of your products.
We constantly look to implement industry best practices to improve our time to market, throughput, quality, inventory, and order management. Our system allows us to perform both forward and backward scheduling, manage customer supplied materials and ingredients, and optimize batch sizes to maximize both equipment efficiency and optimize customer order size to meet their supply chain requirements. Our ERP system and procedures allow us to maximize our purchasing power to maintain drive costs down and provide our customers the best quality and price for their contract manufactured products.